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Club and EV Events

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Coming Up

SDTC logoJul 13Take-out Scavenger Hunt
Jul 27X Takeover (formerly Tesla Takeover) at Madonna Inn   (Silicon Valley Tesla Owners)
SDTC logoAug 26Not-so-silent Movie Night

Past Events

Jul 10Automotive Technicians for the EV Future   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJun 18Tire Talk
SDTC logoJun 12Year-Long Road Trip
May 17Sound of Silence Car Rally   (Custer, SD Chamber of Commerce)
May 08Weaning the Home From Natural Gas   (EV Association)
SDTC logoMay 04MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU - Dinner and Light Show
SDTC logoApr 20Palomar Observatory Drive and Picnic
SDTC logoMar 23Cybertruck Meet-n-Greet
SDTC logoFeb 24Petersen Museum Field Trip
Feb 14Communities in Charge   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJan 20Supercharger Meetup   (Solana Beach)


Dec 29San Diego Auto Show   (EV Association volunteer opportunity)
SDTC logoDec 16Wreaths Across America   (Fort Rosecrans volunteering)
SDTC logoDec 092023 Twinkle Tour
Nov 11Happy Friendsgiving   (Orange County Tesla Club)
SDTC logoNov 04Julian Pie Run
SDTC logoOct 30Accessory Install Day   (Power Frunk/Trunk, etc. install)
Oct 14EV Day 2023   (SDGE)
Oct 11Navigating the Used EV Marketplace   (EV Association)
SDTC logoSep 16Rim Rash Repair
Sep 13EV School Bus to Grid   (EV Association)
Sep 09Callaway Winery Lunch and Wine Tasting   (TeslaClubLA)
Sep 09EV Fiesta   (EV-LC / EV West / Teslaclub-SoCal / SoCal EV's)
SDTC logoAug 13Wrap Party & Plaid Demo Drives
Aug 09Clean Cars for All   (EV Association)
SDTC logoAug 0180eDays Visit
Jul 29Takeover at Madonna Inn   (Silicon Valley Tesla Owners)
Jul 12BBQ at EV Learning Center   (EV Association)
Jun 25EV Cars-n-Coffee   (Petersen Museum)
Jun 14Optimize Your SDG&E Bill   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJun 11Cheez-It Fillup
May 19Sound of Silence Car Rally   (Custer, SD Chamber of Commerce)
May 10Simplifying Public Charging   (EV Association)
May 05Rt 66 Fun Run   (Historic Route 66 Association)
Apr 29Electric Bike Company Factory Tour   (Orange County Tesla Club)
SDTC logoApr 19Tenth Anniversary Celebration
Apr 15Tesla Women's Spring Picnic   (Tesla Club-SoCal)
Apr 12Road trip Planning   (EV Association)
Mar 25Wind Farm Tour   (Orange County Tesla Club)
SDTC logoMar 19Supercharger Meetup and Kart Racing
Mar 08NEM 3.0 update / Charger Cable Management   (EV Association)
SDTC logoFeb 25S3XY Talk   (postponed due to expected rain)
Feb 08Electric Car-Boat   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJan 22S3XY Talk   (Fashion Valley)
SDTC logoJan 17Let's Talk FSD
Jan 11Apartment and Condo Charging   (EV Association)


SDTC logoDec 17Tesla Twinkle Tour   (Drive through neighborhood lights)
Dec 14Installing Home Charging   (EV Association)
Nov 09Inflation Reduction Act   (EV Association)
Oct 29Trunk-or-Treat   (San Diego Association of Car Clubs)
SDTC logoOct 22Frunk-or-Treat
Oct 12Boats, Batteries and Solar   (EV Association)
Oct 01SDG&E EV Day   (National Drive Electric Week)
SDTC logoSep 27Tire Talk   (In person and via Zoom)
SDTC logoSep 25Poker Run
Sep 17Cars-n-Coffee   (Elite Finish)
Sep 14EVAoSD in person   (EV Association)
Sep 11Fully Charged Live
Sep 10Fully Charged Live
SDTC logoSep 03S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Las Americas Premium Outlets)
SDTC logoAug 21Novo Brazil Brewery   (Kombucha)
SDTC logoAug 14S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Vista)
Aug 10Microgrids and EV Charging   (EV Association)
Aug 06Takeover at Madonna Inn   (Tesla Owners - Silicon Valley)
SDTC logoJul 31Ortega Highway Drive
Jul 30Electric Vehicle Adaptive Ride & Drive   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJul 22Group Buy   (Power Frunk/Trunk install)
Jul 13Battery Swap Technology   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJul 09S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Balboa Mesa)
Jul 044th of July Parade   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJun 18S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Torrey Hills)
SDTC logoJun 05Wash & Detail Clinic
SDTC logoMay 22Rustic Ridge Vineyards
SDTC logoMay 14S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Liberty Station)
Apr 24Balboa Park Earth Fair   (EV Association)
Apr 23Escondido Green Transpo Expo   (EV Association)
Apr 20Flower Fields Green Business Expo   (EV Association)
SDTC logoApr 16S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Carlsbad)
SDTC logoApr 10Rim Repair Day 2
Apr 10Rancho Bernardo Earth Fair   (EV Association)
SDTC logoApr 09Rim Repair Day 1
SDTC logoMar 26Hike / Picnic   (Los Penasquitos Canyon)
SDTC logoMar 19S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Eastlake)
SDTC logoFeb 20S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Scripps Poway Parkway)
Feb 09Clean Rebate Changes   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJan 22S3XY Talk   (Supercharger Meetup - Fashion Valley)


SDTC logoDec 18Tesla Twinkle Tour - weekend
SDTC logoDec 15Tesla Twinkle Tour - weeknight
Dec 08AeonCharge Public Charging App   (EV Association)
Nov 10Power Your Drive for apartments & condos   (EV Association)
Oct 13EV Association EV Panel Discussion   (EV Association)
Oct 02National Drive Electric Week
SDTC logoSep 18I.C.E. Museum Picnic
Sep 08Tesla Supercharging Plugs Into San Marcos   (EV Association)
Aug 11EV2Grid + Solar + Batteries   (EV Association)
SDTC logoAug 07Poker Run
SDTC logoJul 31Rim Repair Day
Jul 17Takeover at Madonna Inn   (Tesla Owners - Silicon Valley)
Jul 14Net Metering Update & Tesla Model Y   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJun 12Aptera Advance Look
Jun 09Net Metering Update & F-150 Lightning   (EV Association)
SDTC logoMay 16Bread Run to Santa Ysabel
May 12EV Battery Myths, Legends and Facts   (EV Association)
SDTC logoMay 01National Corners Virtual Meetup
Jan 13EnergyX accessing lithium & Polestar review   (EV Association)


SDTC logoNov 19Connected and Automated Vehicles in San Diego
Nov 11EVMatch Charge Sharing Service   (EV Association)
Oct 14Porsche Taycan virtual test drive / Battery Day   (EV Association)
Sep 09Hyundai Kona and SDGE's Purchase/Lease Credit   (EV Association)
SDTC logoAug 29Covid Safe Poker Run
Aug 12Electric Road Trips and MCU1 fixes (via Zoom)   (EV Association)
Jul 16Two Bit DaVinci   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJun 28Summon Party - Rescheduled
Jun 25Learn to read your SDG&E bill   (EV Association)
May 14Tesla Model Y and Local EV Chargers   (EV Association)
SDTC logoMar 27Taylor Guitars Tour - Postponed
SDTC logoMar 15Summon Party - Postponed
Feb 13Sony's Vision-S EV   (EV Association)
Jan 09A Tesla Adventure with Climate Impact   (EV Association)
Jan 01San Diego International Auto Show   (EV Association)


SDTC logoDec 15Fill the Frunk
Dec 12San Diego County EV Initiatives   (EV Association)
Nov 14Vehicle to Grid Charging   (EV Association)
SDTC logoOct 26Speckle Rock Vineyard - Drive, Picnic and Winery
Oct 10Chula Vista's EV Fleet Update   (EV Association)
SDTC logoSep 27An Evening with Ben Sullins
Sep 14National Drive Electric Week
Sep 12EV Conversions by Zelectric   (EV Association)
SDTC logoAug 25Poker Run & Lunch
Aug 08The Future of Tesla's Autopilot   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJul 28Rancho Santa Fe Picnic
Jul 11San Diego Regional Charger Plans   (EV Association)
Jun 13Electric Bus Pilot Project   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJun 09Ramona Drive, Picnic, and Winery/Art Garden
Jun 083rd Annual San Marcos EV Show
Jun 08Show Your Tesla at the Fair
May 09Do It Yourself EVs   (EV Association)
SDTC logoMay 04Campo Drive, Picnic and Train Ride
Apr 28Cleaner Car Concourse at EarthFair
Apr 11Strategic Energy Initiatives   (EV Association)
Apr 07Tesla Cars & Coffee (Carlsbad)
SDTC logoMar 16Wine & Wheels - Temecula Wine Tasting
Mar 14Love Affair with Plug-in Cars   (EV Association)
SDTC logoFeb 24Meet-Greet-Share
Feb 14Local Clean Energy in San Diego   (EV Association)
Jan 10General EV Topics   (EV Association)


Dec 13EV Special Features Revealed!   (EV Association)
SDTC logoNov 17Join Orange County Club at Carlsbad Museum
Nov 13Electric Bikes and DIY Bicycle Upgrades   (EV Association)
SDTC logoNov 10Vendor Expo & Detailing Demo
Oct 17Electric Road Trip   (EV Association)
SDTC logoOct 07Backroad Drive & Picnic
Sep 19Ben Sullins of Teslanomics   (EV Association)
Sep 15National Drive Electric Week Car Show
Aug 15Autonomous Vehicle Proving Grounds   (EV Association)
SDTC logoAug 04Poker Run & Lunch
Jul 18Air Polution Control   (EV Association)
Jul 14San Marcos EV Show
Jun 20SDG&E Power Your Drive   (EV Association)
Jun 09Pot Luck And EV Display   (EV Association)
Jun 09Show Your Tesla at the Fair
SDTC logoMay 20Tesla Warranty - In or Out
May 16Role of Zero Emission Vehicles   (EV Association)
Apr 18EV Advocacy   (EV Association)
SDTC logoMar 24Overnight in Palm Springs
Mar 18Chula Vista Fleet Program   (EV Association)
SDTC logoFeb 24San Clemente Road Trip
Feb 18Tesla Model 3   (EV Association)
SDTC logoJan 27Hornets Nest Drone Play
Jan 17Nissan Leaf 2018   (EV Association)


SDTC logoSep 30Julian Ciderworks
Sep 09National Drive Electric Week Car Show
SDTC logoJul 17Private Car Museum Tour
SDTC logoJul 08OC Joins Us at the Old Globe
Jun 10Show Your Tesla at the Fair
SDTC logoMay 27Palomar Observatory Drive and Picnic
SDTC logoMay 06Palomar Observatory Drive and Picnic - POSTPONED due to weather
Apr 23Earth Day Car Show
SDTC logoMar 12What's New at Tesla: Locally and Globally


SDTC logoOct 16Ride to Julian and Potluck Picnic
Sep 17National Drive Electric Week Car Show
SDTC logoAug 16Tesla and Other Green Stocks
Jul 02Show Your Tesla at the Fair
SDTC logoMay 14Wine & Wheels - Temecula Wine Tasting
Apr 17Earth Day Car Show
Apr 02RUSHX Electric Car Race
SDTC logoFeb 23High Performance Wheels & Factory Tour


Nov 14Fashion Valley VIP Opening
SDTC logoOct 20Aftermarket Enhancements
Sep 19National Drive Electric Week Car Show
Sep 13BC2BC Road Rally
SDTC logoJul 12Potluck
Jul 04Del Mar Fair Car Show
Jun 08San Diego Supercharger Goes Live
SDTC logoMay 17Potluck
SDTC logoMay 01Sun Shade Group Buy
Apr 19Earth Day Car Show
Apr 04RUSHX Electric Car Race
Apr 01Save Our Swirled
SDTC logoJan 07Road Trip Recaps (CHAdeMO roadtripping / Pittsburgh & Utah canyons)


SDTC logoNov 22Expel Ultimate Demo
SDTC logoOct 01Tesla Autobody Repair
Sep 10National Drive Electric Week Car Show
SDTC logoJul 14Dinner (Souplantation) with fellow owners
SDTC logoMay 20Dinner (Solare Lounge) with fellow owners
Mar 15Customer Appreciation Event
SDTC logoFeb 09Tesla Service Center Tour


SDTC logoDec 14Mexico to Canada via Superchargers
SDTC logoOct 07Destination Charging and Solar
Sep 28National Drive Electric Week Car Show
SDTC logoJun 09Tint Comparisons
SDTC logoMay 13Road Tripping
SDTC logoApr 13First Meeting
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