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July 8, 2017

Orange County Tesla Club
Joins Us at the Old Globe

Joint event with Orange County Tesla Club

Members of the Orange County Tesla Club are driving down for an afternoon in Balboa Park and taking in King Richard II at the Old Globe.

2:00 pm   Explore Balboa Park (Orange County visitors)
5:00 pm   Group photo opportunity
5:30 pm   Joint dinner at Panama 66 restaurant
8:00 pm   King Richard II at Old Globe
~10:30 pm   Drive home

Balboa Park exploration (Orange County visitors)
The people from Orange County will be exploring Balboa Park on their own but might welcome a local guide if any of our San Diego members are interested. Let us know at if you want to be a guide. Not that the Old Globe does offer a behind the scenes tour at 10:30am if anyone wants an earlier start to the day.

Group photo opportunity
We would like to take a group photo involving a backdrop of Teslas.

Dinner at Panama 66 restaurant   (RSVP please)
We would like any of our San Diego members to join us for dinner with the Orange County people even if you won't be joining us for the play. RSVP at if you'd like a place at the table.

King Richard II at the Old Globe
We have obtained a discount code for the play.
Price Types:
    Premium: $87.00 (normally $102.00)
    Area A: $73.50 (normally $86.00)
    Area B+: $62.00
    Area B: $40.00
Click here to purchase tickets using the discount (with no ticketing fees).

Map and other info

The fifteen Level 2 (~5Kw) EV chargers are part of the Blink Network. Check website for rates and real-time availability.
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