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Cheez-It Fillup

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Join us for a spur of the moment drive to Joshua Tree and a visit to the Cheez-It filling station.

For one week, Kelloggs will have a special Cheez-It Stop in Joshua Tree featuring a nozzle that blows out bags of Cheez-Its. Step inside the Cheez-It Stop where road-trippers and Cheez-It fans will take a trip back in time to the nostalgic roadside gift shops of yesteryear, See the press release for details.

The Drive

The San Diego Tesla Club will caravan up from the Fashion Valley Superchargers on Sunday morning to get our "fill". We'll pull off the highway at a few wide spots along the way to let members from north county join us. There may be some members from the Riverside club as well. The route also takes us past a few additional points of interest where we can stop and stretch our legs or take a bio break.

Fashion Valley Superchargers 9AM
We will assemble at 9AM with a chance to charge. At 9:15 the caravan will start heading up 163 to the I15.

Escondido McDonnalds ~ 9:45
There's a McDonnalds just off I15 at 1110 W Valley Pkwy in Escondido. We'll take a spin through the parking lot and get right back on the freeway.

Pala Park-n-Ride ~ 10:15
There is a Park-n-Ride on the west side of I15 where it intersects with route 76 (3356 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook). It provides a convenient place for members from north county coastal to join the caravan.

Tumecula Turnoff ~ 10:45
We will get off the freeway and "cut the corner" at route 79. People from Riverside can join us at the Urbane Cafe (40688 Winchester Rd, Temecula, CA 92591) parking lot. From there we'll take the "back way" and see more countryside as we go north.

Pink Lamb Rock
There are several rock formations alongside the highway. We won't be stopping, but keep a lookout on the north side at 33.869745, -116.997992 for Pink Lamb Rock.

Claude Bell Dinosaurs
Started in the 1960's, the dinosaurs, a 150-ton, concrete brontosaurus named Dinney and a 100-ton tyrannosaurus named Rex, can be seen for miles by travelers on the desert route between Phoenix and Los Angeles. We'll pay a short visit to stretch our legs and grab a selfie. Learn more about their history here.

Yucca Valley Superchargers
There are 16 stalls at Yucca Valley if you want to add some charge.

Sky Village Market Place
Sky Village is a swap meet and gift shop behind a building from the Yucca Valley Superchargers. Check out their website. It may be worth a look! We could even do lunch in their cafe.

Beauty Bubble
The Beauty Bubble is a salon and hair care museum. It is only a block away from the Cheez-It Stop. There is also a world famous Crochet Museum around the back.

Cheez-It Stop
Check out the "cheesy" promotion and get some selfies!


We'll discuss lunch options as a group along the way.

Back to Home

Plan your own trip home. Some may want to explore other sights in Joshua tree and canonball back via the freeway. Others may want to go through Joshua Tree National Park where two deserts meet. There is a $30 park fee per carload but senior citizens may want to get a lifetime park pass (good at any national park or monument). Exiting from the south end of the park can take you home via Indio (a Supercharger option) and down by the Salton Sea. Use your imagination getting home.

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