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July 21, 2017

Private Car Museum Tour

The Tesla Club has a special opportunity to tour a private car/history museum here in San Diego. The auto museum is a hidden treasure with over twenty prime condition collector cars from modern sports to 1930’s classics (not to mention a fire truck and a forerunner to the Airstream trailer). The space is decorated throughout with memorabilia period appropriate to the cars. Despite having all these vehicles to choose from, the owner’s wife drives a P100D (her third Tesla).

The history section honors servicemen (and women) from WWII to the fall of the twin towers. The exhibits are both informative and poignant including a chest of letters from an airman to his wife. There’s even a piece of rail from the Path train that ran under the Twin Towers.

The owner and his assistants conduct the tour with a style that brings each item to life. The whole place is a labor of love.

Unfortunately the number of people that can be accommodated is limited and the tour will take place at 10am on a Friday morning.

Please REGISTER by e-mail to if you would like to attend (as an individual or plus one). RSVPs will be accepted in the order received.

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