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Third Annual

Tesla Twinkle Tour

Saturday - December 17, 2022

Join us for a driving tour through neighborhood holiday lights. At the end we will meet for dessert and talk about our night.

After test driving the locations and reviewing notes from past years, we're excited to present the tour in a slightly different way.

Click on map for details

The Tour

This year, you choose your route from the locations provided on the map and drive it. You can stick to one area or mix in a couple from each. What you don't see on Saturday, we hope you'll visit on another night. Another idea is if you want to really see the houses slower, just pick one site and park your car, then walk with the crowd. This way you don't spend the entire time cranking your head left/right/left/right and you may enjoy it more. Be sure and dress warm! On weeknights the sites were almost empty of cars, but still were a lot to take in! Saturday night will be crowded so be sure and start early enough to join us at the meetup at 8:30.

The Meetup

At 8:30 PM, everyone's final destination will be Islands in Mission Valley to enjoy some time together, talk about our favorite displays and grab dinner and/or dessert. All adults coming will get a door prize ticket too! (Islands is off Friars Rd at 2441 Fenton Pkwy in the Costco/IKEA center.)


The San Marcos/Rockdale Pl location is only one fabulous house. If you're coming south, it would be easy to see while on the way to other spots in the Poway area. Other than San Marcos, all other spots on the map are large displays spanning several streets. All would be ideal for parking and walking through.

List of Displays

North County:
  • 2516 Rockdale Pl
  • Black Mountain Rd & Oviedo St (if your nav can't find it, put in Sunset Hills Elementary which is on the corner of Oviedo St. and Black Mtn Rd. But instead of turning towards the school, turn the opposite direction into the neighborhood)
  • Stoney Gate Pl
  • Hickory Ct
  • Merritage Ct & Stonebridge Pkwy
  • 9777 Valley Ranch Rd
  • Tinsel Town
  • Jingle Bell Hill
  • Belardo Lights
  • Jamar Dr & Lana Dr
South Bay:
  • Wildwood Rd & Chatsworth Blvd
  • Porch Swing St (Chula Vista)
  • Christmas Circle (Chula Vista)


Some of the displays we toured.

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