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Saturday - August 7, 2021

Find a New Hobby


Poker runs are one of our club's most exciting events! We're having another one on August 7th.  This time, Carol Hagey will run you through a unique list of optional checkpoints geared to discovering some new hobbies.

Checkpoints are all around the county. You'll plot your course through locations where you will "draw cards" to make up a five card poker hand.  Our last stop will be for lunch and to play our "hands".  And, it's okay if you don't know how to play Poker. The Group will help!

Poker Run - On the afternoon before, we will e-mail a full set of instructions to those that have registered. This will include a list of about twenty-five checkpoints and specify a final destination. Plan your trip from home through five of the checkpoints ending at the rally point for a noon lunch. At each checkpoint you will use a web app from your console browser (or smart phone) to "draw" a card - like collecting Pokemon.

Lunch - Our rally point will be a restaurant where you have the option of buying lunch. Here we will announce the winning hand.


Event Schedule

????   Leave home and start collecting "cards".
    Stop 1
    Stop 2
    Stop 3
    Stop 4
    Stop 5
11:30   Parking lot car discussions
~Noon   Lunch
    Play poker hands
~2:00   We're done until next time

Registration is now closed

Detailed instructions will be e-mailed to the 23 "cars" that registered. Look for them at about 3pm on Friday August 6th.


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