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May 2015

Sun Shade Group Buy

When David first bought his Model S he realized the front windshield was a very large heatsink. He tinted it with AirBlue 80 and that helped some, but to keep it nearly legal he couldn’t go too dark. He bought a generic front windshield sunscreen, but since the Model S front windshield is so large, it didn’t fit well and kept falling down. He didn't use it but still wanted something to keep the car cool and protect the interior.

He received an email from advertising a front windshield sunshade custom-made by HeatShield for the Model S. (Heatshield makes two lines: a Gold and Silver series;, the Gold being the better and the only one he inquired about). The price was $49.95 plus shipping and tax. It is also advertised on Amazon for $49.95 plus $8.99 shipping. This sunscreen seems to get very good reviews and was the best one he could find custom-made for the Model S.

He contacted HeatShield directly about a Group Buy. 1-9 = $28.00; 10-19 = $26.50; 20+ = $25.50 plus tax. Shipping is 1-5 = $17.85; 6-21 = $22.78. So even if he bought just one it’s cheaper than evannex or Amazon - even less in quantity.

The HeatShield group order was a great success. He ordered 34 and got the price down to $29 (including shipping and tax of 8.75%). Many people picked them up at the potluck on May 17th.
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