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October 16, 2016

Ride to Julian and Potluck Picnic

A Picnic, Apple Pie and
an American Car Company

San DiegoTesla owners enjoyed a ride to the Julian area, followed by a pot-luck at the Paso Picacho picnic area in the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

People from North county met at Westfield North County Mall.

People from South county met at Parkway Plaza.

Each group caravaned to Ramona and from there the combined group followed Chuck to Paso Picacho.

Luke was waiting for us at the campground with pies. The rest of the potluck was spread out once the main group arrived. As one might guess the conversations centered around Tesla topics. Several people were sharing stories about how long it was taking for repairs. This applied to both Tesla service and Amato's body shop.

While the main group had started eating, Daren Sorenson's family took a quick trip to the top of Stonewall and captured this bird's eye view of the campground.
The day closed with a drawing for some wine brought by Lee followed by a group photo.

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