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Saturday - December 9, 2023

5 pm until ...

2023 Twinkle Tour

The holiday season means it's time for another tour through the lights

Join us on our annual tour of San Diego neighborhood light displays.

Starting with a group dinner

We have reservations at Filippi's Pizza Grotto in Santee - click the logo for the menu. We can talk about the Cybertruck release and other things Tesla. RPM Tesla will be there with lots of great door prizes. Everyone attending gets one ticket for the prize drawing. We will meet at 5pm and plan on eating until 6:30pm. Separate checks are OK.

The light tour

We will leave the restaurant at 6:45pm. The first stop on the tour is about eight miles from the restaurant. The route is about 50 miles long and will take about two hours to drive (more if you stop to watch animations). Click on the image for a detailed map.


The food was good and the portions generous.
As we finished eating, tickets were drawn for the door prizes donated by RPM Tesla
We then went out to the parking lot and set our cars into motion for a synchronized light show.

From there we caravaned the displays of several neighborhoods.
We wrapped up the evening at the Golden Spoon for a cup of yogurt.

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