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Let's Talk FSD

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

via Zoom (in car?)

7pm until ...

Now that Tesla is making a wide release of Full Self Driving, it seems opportune to have a group discussion of using FSD in San Diego.

While some have been part of the beta program from the beginning, many are getting to try FSD for the first time. While it is amazing what FSD can do there are still many quirks that prevent it from being truly hands free. Join in to tell of your experiences. First timers come ask questions and learn from seasoned users.

Where are the interesting trouble spots on San Diego roads? Has your car come to a complete stop in the carpool lanes of I15 thinking the the overpass is a signal? What do people that follow a car using FSD think of the "idiot" driving the car in front of them? How many of us have had a close call that required a quick intervention? How far have you gone on "one hop" without the need to intervene? Have your passengers been able to keep it together while a "student driver" is at the wheel? These are some of the topics that will keep the conversation flowing.

Join us in a Zoom call to share what we know and learn from others what we want to know. Maybe can do it in our cars using the promised new Zoom app (2022.44.25.3) for Tesla. Keep checking this webpage for updates.

Post Event Recap

We talked about many FSD experiences/issues and were fortunate to have Kaz Barnes join us. He has been driving Uber/Lyft and showing off FSD to his passengers. His YouTube channel covers many FSD adventures.

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