Sunday - May 16, 2021 - Noon

Bread Run!!!

Who in San Diego doesn't like Dudley's bread. Now you can pick up a few kilowatts at the same time. Join us for a run to get bread at San Diego's newest supercharger location.

Let's grab some lunch and talk about Tesla. Get a Dudley's deli sandwich, or something more substantial from Farmhouse 78, and/or dessert from Julian Pie.

Chart your own course from home so you can be there at noon. We'll meet in the parking lot between Dudley's and Farmhouse 78.

Santa Ysabel Superchargers

(Intersection of route 78 and route 79)

Post Event Follow-up

We had 26 cars RSVP for the event but the weather turned cold with drizzle. However, a good time was had by all that made the drive.