Saturday - August 4, 2018

Poker Run & Lunch


We're having a Poker Run on August 4th.  We'll have many checkpoints around the county to choose from where you will "draw cards" to make up a five card poker hand.  Our last stop will be for lunch and to play our "hands".

Poker Run - Friday afternoon we will e-mail those that have RSVP'd a list of about twenty checkpoints and specify a final destination. Plan your trip from home through any five of the checkpoints ending at the rally point for a noon lunch. At each checkpoint you will use a web app from your console browser (or smart phone) to "draw" a card - like collecting Pokemon.

Lunch - We were originally planning a potluck picnic but nice spots are in high demand this time of year with last minute parking almost impossible. We may move lunch indoors at a casual restaurant with easy parking.


Event Schedule

????   Leave home and start collecting "cards".
    Stop 1
    Stop 2
    Stop 3
    Stop 4
    Stop 5
11:30   Parking lot car discussions
~Noon   Lunch
    Play poker hands
~2:00   Disperse to home

Details have been sent to all that RSVP'd

Registration is now closed