April 19, 2015

Earth Day Car show

Balboa Park

Cleaner Car Concourse at EarthFair

San Diego EarthWorks invites individuals and non-commercial organizations to exhibit their energy-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles.

Our dependence on the inefficient internal-combustion engine is a continuing threat to our environment and quality of life. With the concern over global warming and rising fuel prices, people are looking for ways that they can make better transportation choices. The Cleaner Car Concourse (CCC) is a great opportunity to share alternative eco-friendly transportation options with thousands of San Diegans.

The CCC takes place in a parking lot. EarthWorks provides tables and chairs; exhibitors should bring any additional display materials that they will need. Vehicles will be spaced to allow easy walk-around access and viewing. Please contact EarthWorks directly if you have any special or unusual setup or display requirements.

Just having a vehicle in the show is not enough – visitors will want to ask questions and know all about it. Please have your vehicle "staffed" at all times. We recommend having several people to share this jobs so you don't get worn out during the day. Simple signs that detail the environmental benefits of the vehicle are a plus.

For more information see Cleaner Car Concourse at EarthFair.